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Building a beauty brand is not easy as the space is becoming increasingly competitive for newbies, which can be more difficult for the spray tanning industry. Toronto-based renowned spray tan artist, entrepreneur, and expert marketer, Emily Bloom, has been there. She knows the challenges and also ways to overcome them. With her innovative platform Spray Tan Boss, Emily intends to leverage her knowledge and experience to empower spray tan artists and beauty professionals to seamlessly launch and scale their brands.

As a former owner of one of Canada’s best salons, Emily has over a decade’s experience in the sunless industry. Her journey started from a 500-square foot salon that she scaled up to a sprawling 2000-square foot, well-staffed salon serving over 10K clients a year. Her salon was organically featured in many well-known publications, including Elle Canada, Toronto Star, and Flare Magazine, making her a celebrated tanning artist in the country. She is also the first Canadian to do an apprenticeship with Jimmy Coco, the famous tanning artist who has worked with the Kardashians.

During her decade-long career, Emily developed, scaled, and sold several successful beauty ventures and self-tanning lines, including her salon. While learning about the beauty industry and scaling up a business, she also juggled being a mom to two children under 3. When she completed her learning, she achieved the balance she needed to build her brand and be the mom she wanted to be. Now she wants other beauty professionals to find the same work-life balance so they can focus on scaling their businesses without sacrificing family time. On Spray Tan Boss, she will be discussing some incredible tips on balancing mom life with entrepreneurship through webinars, which will be exclusively available to the community on the platform.

Although Spray Tan Boss is focused on the sunless industry, the platform will offer products that will benefit any brand in the beauty service industry. Emily describes her platform as a tool for spray tan artists and beauty experts “to grow a successful business at an affordable price and help scale beauty service brands worldwide.” To make a global impact for both brick-and-mortar and mobile businesses, the platform launched a 3-tier package to suit the marketing needs of businesses at all levels. The most affordable one is the press package, which effectively creates a seamless process to launch a brand.

Spray Tan Boss is a non-fluff platform for beauty brands to find measurable results within a short time. According to Emily, the platform has “a proven marketing system that helps artists grow, gain new customers, and build their schedules to fully locked calendars.” She “designed the system to give artists a 30 to 50 percent growth in their income.” The platform is her initiative to support beauty professionals in their journey, whether they are starting out or have been in the industry for some time.

Spray Tan Boss offers a comprehensive approach to marketing for beauty brands starting from product design to web development, business development, and human resources. Emily wants her platform to revolutionize the spray tan industry and make it easier for more beauty service brands to launch and scale their businesses.